{Tutorial} : Leather bow necklace

I was playing around with some leather and vinyl over the weekend and came up with this semi-formal accessory. This is super easy to make and fun to rock.

You will need:

- scrap of leather (or vinyl)
- cutting tools (scissors, rotary cutter, etc)
- strong glue for leather or fabric
- eyelets or tapestry needle
- jump rings
- chain

Cut a piece of leather as wide and long as you want your bow to be. Mine was 3.5" by 5.5". You will also need a little piece that is about 1.5" by 0.5".

Pinch down the center. When you're satisfied with a bow, glue the centers down.

Glue the smaller piece around the center of your bow, making sure that the seam is in the back.

Punch holes in the corners for your eyelets. If you don't have eyelets, then use your needle to pierce holes in the corners.

Attach your eyelets if your using them.

Attach jump rings to the hole/eyelet.

Cut a length of chain that will fit loosely arond your neck. If you want, you can just attach your chain to the jumprings.

OR you can add embellishments before you add your chain. I added some freshwater pearls onto the jumprings before adding my chain.

Voila! Enjoy with your fave outfit!


  1. super cute!! would make a great gift! :)

  2. Very cute. I have seen something similar before. Nice to have a tutorial for it. :) Thanks!


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