I've been working on some new coin purses this week. I started on four; I'm trying to decide how many I want to make before I switch from the embroidery machine to the sewing machine.

I am backing each panel with a coordinating vintage sheet fabric. I think it'll add a little brightness to the neutral linen front panel. I'm making these with the appliques because I'm trying to go for things that are more aesthetically pleasing instead of just functional. They are going to be on the small side, about 4"x4".

I also have been making little tags from kraft paper cardstock.

I got the punch from Salvation Army for $2. I usually punch tags out of colorful scrapbook paper, but I wanted something a little more natural-looking. I think the effect is what I was going for.

I also printed some vintage inspired button cards onto the cardstock from Papercraft Inspirations. I plan on putting vintage buttons and vintage button earrings onto them as gifts and such.

It's a little difficult to see on that paper, so I think I'm going to use ivory paper instead. Thus far I like how it looks, though. Definitely the vintage feel I was trying to accomplish. Plus I just love the look of kraft paper. I think it provides a wonderful canvas or backdrop.


  1. I love the mini bunting on the coin purses. So cute!

  2. I love your idea for the earrings/buttons & the paper backing! Also, $2 for that puncher?!! Such a score!!! I paid out the nose for mine a few years back.


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