Dora's New Backpack

Ok so, technically, it's not a backpack; but I thought that would be clever to say. It's a carry-on bag and it's quilted.

I was testing a little pattern out because I've been looking for an 18" doll for my little girleen, and Dora was the closest thing we had at home.
I thought it was a cute idea to make this little bag and a few outfits for Dora and the new doll once I get her ordered. Dora is a nice fill-in doll, even though she isn't a full 18 inches.

It consists of 3 coordinating vintage sheets and light batting. It's about 7" long and quilted with straight lines. It is fully lined and has 3 pockets on one side. It can double as my girlie's purse or even a makeup bag or pencil pouch. I think I'm going to keep it for the dolls for now. I am, however, going to draft a bigger one for my daughter so that when we travel she can stop using mine.

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