{Tutorial}: Colorblock Clutch

As New Year's is rapidly approaching, I am creating as many things as I possibly can to make a handmade but cohesive New Year's Eve night. As I have afore-mentioned, nude/beige has become one of my favorite colors this season; and I think it looks wonderful paired with black. This color combo sparked my tutorial for today. So let's get started!


-2 different colors of vinyl
-Velcro or snaps
-Scissors or rotary cutter
-Sewing machine and matching thread
-Walking foot, Roller foot, Teflon foot, or Scotch tape and tissue paper

Decide how long you want you clutch to be and cut each piece
of fabric to that length. Now you can cut your fabric pieces the same width or cut one piece wider than the other. Totally your choice. I did one piece wider than the other since I was going for asymmetry.

Stack one piece of vinyl on top of the other piece to get an idea of placement. Run a gluestick down the edge that will overlap so it won't slip. You can also add a little masking tape of these pieces.

Stitch close to the edge of the overlapping piece. You can also run a second line of stitching close to that first line of edgestitching.

-Use a Walking (Even-feed) foot, Roller Foot, or Teflon Foot if you have one available.
-If none of these feet are available, attach a piece of Scotch tape to the bottom of your regular presser foot so that the vinyl won't stick. Or place a piece of tissue paper on top of the vinyl and tear away once the stitching is complete.
-Never pin vinyl. It will leave holes. Instead hold pieces together with masking/painters tape, binder clips, or paper clips.
-Use a denim or leather needle, a longer stitch, and a looser tension. I usually set my stitch length to 4.5mm or longer and my tension at 3 or 4.
-Go slow and take your time. The slower you go the more control you will have over this tricky fabric.

Square off all sides and figure how deep you want your clutch to be. Fold up the bottom edge and tape down.

Optional: if you want an asymmetrical flap, then take a ruler and draw an angled line from left to right. Trim on this line.

Now edgestitch from bottom of clutch all the way to the top of the flap, making sure to match thread to the color vinyl you're using. I added a few more rows for decoration and reenforcement.

Attach velcro with a strong glue or stitch it on or attach snaps according to manufacturer's instructions.



If you make one, send me pictures!!


  1. This is just lovely! I will most certainly be giving it a go, thank you :)

  2. Tres chic! It looks like it turned out really well. Did it work for your New Years fun?

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