Thrifting 12.3.11

I haven't been thrifting in awhile. I've been trying to take some time off and just focus on home and such. I was anxious yesterday from all the ridiculous things that have happened throughout the week that I needed to get out and clear my head. So I ventured to the thrift shops. I read a horoscope once in a quilting magazine that Taurus (myself), when feeling low; anxious; in a bad mood, feel the need to be surrounded by fabric; touching it; running it through their fingers but not necessarily purchasing it. Whoever authored that article had no idea how true they really were. Whenever I feel like I'm going to wig-out, just the sight of fabric (or vintage sheets) calms my spirit. With that said let's get on to the small treasures I brought home.

I didn't find many sheets this go around, but I did find some things that I haven't seen before. I bought 2 sheets, 3 curtain panels, some yellow linen, some paisley silky dress fabric, and some yarn and knitting book for a swap partner's Christmas stocking.

This is the curtain panel. I found 3 of them bundled together. I thought they were pillowcases until I got them in the car. I realized they were curtain panels, EVEN BETTER. I had been coveting this one after seeing it on flickr many moons ago. So glad it's in my possession.

I love love love this one. I'm so happy to finally find a sheet with purple in it that is a floral. I never find purples. Well I've found some sheets a LONG time ago that were mostly blue with a few lilac sprigs here and there. But this one has more purple than any of those florals.

I also love this sheet. I actually have one just like it, but it is so cut up from previous sewing. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's the perfect shade of kiwi green, one of my favorite colors. I actually think I'm going to use this one on my bed since the elastic is still in tact and it matches all of my bedding. I'm so glad to have find it.

Lots of yellow linen. I'm not sure about yardage as I haven't even opened it up yet. I think there is at least a yard. I bought some mustard linen when I was in New York and have been reluctant to cut into it, so I think this is a wonderful practice piece.

This is some great fabric as well. I bought some navy and fabric similiar to it in Thrifting 9.9.11. It's very silky and has a woven pattern and a printed pattern almost like a Jacquard does. The paisley print on the front is much more intricate than the mottled image that shows through on the back. I sort of like the back a bit more.

What have you thrifted lately?

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  1. Nice finds! When I'm feeling stressed out I like to go to the thrift store too. :)


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