Thrifting 9.9.11

I should stop... I just can't help it though. I wasn't going thrifting after work Friday, but then I told myself I will just stop into my fave place after I had lunch. I think I did well because I didn't buy much, but let me tell you! I hit thrifting gold in my eyes. There are few things that make me more excited than finding vintage sheets and pillowcases, and those things are vintage sewing supplies and notions and vintage sewing books. Ladies, ladies!! I found both a new (vintage) sewing book and the most wonderful thing that I have found in many moons: a box full of presser feet!!!!! Ecstatic!! Let me show you my findings.

My Loot

I managed to come home with more vintage belting. It's in a dark grey/brown color. I also found a vintage housecoat made by Sears; it reminds me of the Vera sheets with the leaves and butterflies but it has bright orange flowers on it instead. I'm probably going to use it for the fabric, not sure yet. I found some navy blue with red silky fabric. It also has woven circles on it, really adds some nice texture to it. I got a vintage pillowcase, a Kenmore sew-by-color (box of machine feet), and the sewing book. I am so happy to have found the last two objects. I mean I love them all, but I am especially infatuated with the box and book.

Kenmore sew-by-color

Oh my! This tiny little box has sooooooo much goodness inside of it that you can't even imagine!! When I first saw the box lying on the shelf, I didn't think it would be too promising being that boxes I see like that are usually empty by the time I get to them. So I picked it up and sort of shook it and heard rattling. I thought that the rattling was probably buttons and a bunch of whatnots. BOY! Was I wrong! I opened it and noticed the jumble of presser feet all over the place and sewing cards galore.I didn't think all of the feet were inside, but then again I didn't really care. If I had gotten only 4 extra feet, I couldn't be upset. It was only $2.97 and actually cheaper than that because I get 20% discount at that particular thrift store. So I bought it, duh!! Lol. As soon as I got inside my car, I opened it up and start situating the pieces. The beautiful thing about that box is that it is fully color coded and has a placement and number setting for every foot that is inside. And on top of that every foot has a card that is color coded and explains how to use the foot. I sorted the feet back into there places and noticed I was missing 2 things. I wasn't upset. But as I was moving the box to put it down, I heard more rattling. Two of the items had gotten stuck underneath the place settings! The only thing I am missing from the box is the number 2 card which is the quilting guide, and I think I can do without that. The box even still has the original price tag on it. It was originally 10 bucks back in 1960. I paid $14.99 just for a generic ruffler foot. Inflation!
Included in this beauty:
- color-coded cards giving a description of each sewing aid
- cutting guide which is put onto scissors to cut even strips of fabric
- quilting guide
- adjustable zipper foot
- gathering foot
- attachment foot which is used to attach some of the other feet
-screw-in seam guide
- 5 hemmer feet (narrow, 1/4", 3/8", 5/8", and 7/8")
- edgestitcher
-binder foot
-ruffler foot

Now I already own a harrow hemmer, 1/4" hemmer (that I couldn't use because I didn't have an attachment foot), quilting guide (that I've lost), an adjustable zipper foot, gathering foot, and a ruffler, along with some other feet that weren't included in this. But it also has some feet that I've been dying do get my paws on. Now I have them...and in a neat little container too.
Now I just need to test them all out!!


  1. Wow what a score!! I'm so addicted to the thrift stores againa nd all the vintage sheet goodness :)

  2. Why...nice score with the feet!

    --Jaclyn T
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