Thrifting 9.10.11

I went thrifting yesterday. Surprise? I didn't think it would be, lol. I found a few more awesome things.

I found a ton more sheets, mostly yellow-based, a baggie of buttons, a baggie of vintage bindings and trims, a few Japanese mugs with birds on them, and a Singer Tiny Tailor.

Vintage Sheets

Singer Tiny Tailor

Japanese mugs

Sewing notions

The sewing machine was only 5 bucks.

I also found a brand new Ann Taylor Loft skirt with the tag still attached that was originally priced $69.50 for only 40 cents. It is a silky navy and cream crosshatched fabric and has asymmetrical pleating on the top. It was a 50 cent green tag item and I get 20% off my purchases. I was so shocked and excited.

I think I should give thrifting a little break. Ha! Yeah right!


  1. Isn't it fun when you hit the thrift jackpot? You did great on the Singer!

  2. I am loving the sheets! good thrifting!

  3. Another great score! Nice that they had the color coded sheets for you ;)

  4. I am SO addicted to thriftin'! I like the Singer! Does it work?

    --Jaclyn T
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