Thrifting 9.24.11

I went to a couple of estate sales yesterday, and then I somehow drifted into a couple of thrift stores. But I did limit myself. I only went to 2 estate sales and 2 thrift shops. So I spent a LOT. I mean more than I would ever have expected to spend at any estate sale ever, but I think my spending amount was justifiable. I spent $29 on vintage buttons alone. I know stupid, right! But wait before we judge, you have to see the buttons!! They are all vintage and most of them are clear glass!! Anyway let me get to the spoils!

At the first estate sale I didn't find very much. However I did manage to leave it with a few classic books for myself and Kels, a pair of binoculars for Kels, a pack of vintage tracing paper, a vintage Italian braided cognac leather belt with brass fixings (perfect for cardigans and dresses!), and I think that's about it. There really wasn't much there.

At the second estate sale I found a buttload of vintage buttons: glass, lucite, and carded. I also got an applique book and a brand Eddie Bauer tank top still in the packaging.

applique book and tracing paper

vintage buttons. I know it's hard to see it but there are 2 smaller sandwich bags filled with pink and blue buttons and the clear glass ones are in the quart bag.

At the thrift stores I found a few sheets, pillowcase, and some vintage fabric. I found blues that I have been looking for and picked up some I've never seen.

the one the right is my favorite; I've never seen anything like it.

vintage fabric
It's going to make a beautiful pair of shorts or skirt.

I have been working on clothes for the little one as well and some embroidery designs that I've digitized. Expect to see that showing up soon. Also expect to see more sheet packs going into the shop, seeing as I need to destash!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

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  1. You found some really great stuff :) Love those blue prints :)


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