Finally on the back-to-school bandwagon

Although my little missy isn't in big kids school yet, I'm about to get her into Pre-K. What better time than now to get her used to the school routine than now? I needed to sew a lot this weekend. I felt that I had to. And I felt so bad that I haven't sewn a lot for my daughter lately. I actually felt REALLY bad about it. So I decided that Saturday it was all about her. I got up extremely early (as in started sewing around 5 a.m.) and started to sew a backpack for her. It was just preliminary, plus I didn't have any fusible interfacing. So she can actually use it as a play bag for the moment.

It's made from some sheet scraps. I'm going to embroider her name on it later. I think it's adorable, and she is so excited about it!!

I also made her a late summer pintucked dress. I say late summer because the sleeves are a tad longer for cooler breezes, although I accidently made it a little short. But it is perfect to wear tights underneath it. I also made it squareneck just to make it a little diverse from her other dresses. I added the tiniest pintucks on the neckline, sort of making it a faux yoke.

And finally I made her a two-layer skirt. She's very much iinto skirts right now. I think she's a girly-girl! It's so cute. I chose some not-so girlish colors for this one. I don't want her to get stuck in the "girls have to wear pink" state of mind. Personally I don't really care for pink, but eh.... Anyway. The skirt is pretty long. It'll be perfect to pair up with some cute little stockings and mary janes.

And I also finally organized my sheets and pillowcases by color! Most of them are here on this shelf. I still have a few running around all loosey-goosey. But I'm happy I got it done!

Now if I can just tackle the tote of scraps I have, everything will be just peachy!!!


  1. you made some very cute things!

  2. That's quite the stash of vintage sheets!! I just started scouting them out at thrift stores. Such fun! Love the back pack and the skirt is really cute :)

  3. Love the backpack and the cute dress and skirt. Is this your adorable daughter? cutie pie

  4. Cute! What a great model you have!

  5. what a lucky girl! Love that fabric stash too!


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