Thrifting 9.2.11

I have no idea why all of a sudden I have been having excellent times at the thrift stores lately, but I hope I'm not jinxing myself! I keep running into the very sheets that I have been coveting for the longest of times. Not only that but I usually find either two of the much lusted-for linen or I find a king-size of it. Gosh! I'm just as happy and giddy as can be right now!

My finds

I found 2 twin-sized turquoise and purple striped sheets. I have been wanting these to come my way FOREVER! Now if I can only find the blue stripes..... Anywho, I also found a King skinny pink striped sheet. I think that one is so sweet; it has 2 shades of pink in it. I think it'll be great to use in place of the wider pink stripes that I always seem to accumulate. I also picked up a pillowcase that I think I already have. I know I have a sheet in that blue/purple floral print, but it's nice to have pillowcases for small projects. I also got a few zippers. I didn't really need them, but I wanted to make more hanging laundry bags so I was prowling for 20" zippers and grabbed those. They had a plastic shoebox overfilled with unused vintage zippers and another half of a 13 gallon tote of loose zippers. I should never run out of zippers so long as I shop there! I also picked up some vintage trim/belting. I like them though. Not really sure what they are. I think I may use some and put the rest into the shop. They are wide, so I'm guessing they are belting of some sort because they are finished on both sides. They had so many of these.

Sheets and pillowcases


This trip was to Harvest Thrift Mission. I am telling you this is my FAVORITE thrift store!!! I found just about all my sewing notions here. They have piles and piles of everything: industrial sewing machine thread, mountains of zippers, stacks of patterns, everything a vintage collector could drool over. And college students get 20% off their purchase. I love love love this place!! Whooo! Sorry for that. I get really excited. Anyway what have you guys thrifted lately that you're totally ecstatic about!


  1. :) Popping in before Church, Jacob is really getting use out of the Clothes Bag :)
    He Loves it. TY

    LOL before he'd throw his clothes in his computer chair lol.
    Now he uses the bag:)

  2. I'm totally jealous of the belting! I could find TONS of uses for that :)thanks for sharing!

  3. awesome finds. that stripey trim is adorable.


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