New Year Productivity

Happy New Year, guys! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed transition into 2012.

Prior to last week I hadn't been in the mood for sewing for nearly 2 months. Whatever sewing I was doing was the bare minimum, just some pants and dress altering and hemming for a couple of clients. All I wanted to do was digitize embroidery. Not saying that wasn't cool. I really enjoy making embroidery machine designs on my computer and seeing what they look like stitched out on my embroidery machine. But I am finally glad to sew again!

I cut out 4 skirts and sewed 3 together yesterday. It was actually quite fun once I got it going. I came up with the idea to donate some of my handiwork as well. I was looking up charities that will take handmade clothing items. I found mostly sites for babies and preemies. If anyone knows of an organization, please contact me!

I will, however, offer some for sale in my shop. I'm thinking about donating a percentage of the proceeds to a charity and/or for every selected number of items I sell, I will donate a handmade article. Either way I going to give something.

They are all made from coordinated vintage sheets and wide elastic and gathered to perfect twirly, whirly widths. Sorry I couldn't get an action shot, but although it is sunny it is just as breezy today.

I also was in dire need of another pair of lounge pants. My dear mother bought a pair of flannel pjs for me, and they were too small. Besides I don't really like sleeping in flannel; it's too hot. So I whipped out a sheet that I purchased brand new still in the original packaging and set out to work.

I absolutely adore them. They are just baggy and loose enough. I have plenty of leg room and they don't drag. I'm also glad that I went with the solid contrasting bands instead of finding a matching stripe. That probably would have been too much!

I am looking for this sheet in blue if anyone has seen one or want to trade. It's Bibb Co. In Meadow Flowers.

Well I have a few more things that I want need to work on for my shop.
How did you all spend the first day of the year?


  1. Those skirts are super cute! I bet the pj's and nice and comfy too :)

  2. I love the skirts and pants! I haven't done much sewing in the past few months either... thanks for the inspiration!


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