Trial Run #3: Elastic Waist Tunic

Today I brought another venture from my sewing table. This one is by far my favorite.
It has a slit in the collar, cuffed sleeves, and an elasticized waist. It makes my little girly look so grown up!

It was a nice day outside yesterday so we took action shots outside in the sunshine, soaking up some Vitamin D.

I can't wait to mmake a bunch of these!


  1. I love this! It's gorgeous. What a beautiful little dress for a beautiful little girl. You're lucky to have such a fantastic model :)
    From Vallyncia @ Swapbot.

  2. This is gorgeous! I think I want to have a go at making a grown up sized one ^_^
    <3 LozzaBee on swap-bot xo

  3. what a lucky girl to have a bunch of new, cute shirts!


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