Thrifitng 1.28.12

I had a fairly decent haul yesterday of vintage linens. I am rather surprised. I found 5 sheets, 3 pillowcases, and a pair of lion head earrings. It felt good to bring home a decent-sized haul. Besides most of everything that I got was unlike anything that I have at home anyway.


I thought this was a really pretty sheet. Reminds me of Bob Ross' landscapes.

I have been wanting this one for quite some time now.

I adore the sweet pink roses and the yellow dots in this. This reminds me of another sheet I have that have those soft pink watercolor roses in it.

This one and the next one are the same sheet just different colors. I really like the pointilistic trees that cover these sheets.

This sheet is brand new still in the packaging. Who doesn't love to find something still wrapped up in its original bag?!


I love cabbage roses on sheets. And I love the orange/pink/coral color combo as well.

This pillowcase is brand new as well. It still has its original crispness and is startlingly white and with original creases from packaging. I have 2 king size cases in this print.

I don't know why I grabbed this. I have 2 sheets and a hand towel in this print, but I tend to use it a lot.

These earrings remind me of the 2 lion head belts that I thrifted previously. They are huge, therefore I had to grab them. The bigger the better for me. Now if they only had little rings in their mouths.....

What did you do this weekend? What is your latest, greatest thrift find? Please share.

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