Machine Embroidered Change Purses

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. I digitized a a quilted coin purse design a few months ago, and forgot to take pictures of the final product.

I was inspired by vintage quilted bags and purses. The diamond quilt pattern and curvy shape of the little bag reminds me of the throwbacks that ladies used to carry. I teamed the classic quilt with bright florals to complement one another.

The back is plain, not quilted. I'm going to add these to the shop soon. I've actually been thinking about either adding a section to my shop or opening a new shop for machine embroidery. I love digitizing and I've created so many embroidery designs, and I'm not really doing anything with them. I want to share with everyone the designs that I've created. I guess I'll mull it over.

Anyway the little purses measure 3.75" at its widest and 3" at it's narrowest, and they are 3.5" in length. Perfect for chapsticks, jump drives, hand sanitizers, etc. They are fully lined with a zip closure.


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