Trial Run #1: Tie-Shoulder Dress

I have been drafting up a few things this week after work and wanted to share with you all what has been on the sewing table. The other night I decided to draft a simple little tie-shoulder gathered dress. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would have gone.

I used some random vintage sheet scraps that were around not being used or had stains on them. Sheets make for pretty good muslins if you want to see how a pattern would look with, well, a pattern.

There aren't too many things that I have to tweak. I'm glad about that, but I do need to make shorter, wider ties and a lower neckline.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. This is pretty adorable, and she looks happy in it! I would like a dress that looks like this myself :) And it looks simple enough even for me :)

    Deidreart from swap-bot

  2. So cute! The dress is adorable too ;)

  3. Very creative and cute! She is adorable!

  4. Super cute! It came out really well.


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