New Kindle Cozy

Here's a little story: I went to our small, independently-owned Opelika Sewing Center Monday just to browse around. They are the only place in town that you can order designer fabrics. I grabbed a few bolts of fabric and headed to the cutting table, only to wait behind 3 freshman fashion design students that are clueless about what a sewing machine even really is. And on top of that I had to listen to the owners bicker with the cashier about what she was ringing up for the girls. Lucky in the midst of all that confusion and fussing I was able to get my fabric cut and rung up before the students were done, and I walked out of there with my Amy Butler and Free Spirit pieces.

I had no intention when I purchased the fabric. I bought it because I liked it. (Don't judge me, lol!) So it wasn't until hours later that an idea popped into my head and I started to work. I whipped up another Kindle cozy.

The outside is Amy Butler and the lining is Free Spirit. I forget the design patterns.

I quilted it for a more textured look and added a coordinted snap. It came together in no time after I wrestled with my iron.

Last night I started working on more. So be on the look out there will be a giveaway coming soon for a Kindle cozy!!

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