DIY jewelry display

Let me just say this is one of the most functional things I've made in quite some time.
My vintage earring and stud collection is somehow multiplying exponentially. And I totally needed a new spot to house them because my tree earring holder is only meant for hanging earrings and my bird ring holder can only hold a couple of pairs of posts. So while at my fave thrift store yesterday, an idea hit me HARD. I picked up 3 similar vintage Japanese stoneware saucers and 3 vintage brass candleholders. I turned the candleholders upside and stacked the saucers on top of them and glued them all together and created a tiered jewelry stand.

I thought about painting the brass candlesticks and the plates but decided against. I think it looks uniform enough. Although the plates were all from different companies, they all have the same speckled cream color with light tan border and all have a very similar shape; and the top two candleholders have similar shape, color and can be unscrewed. So I'm content!
Speaking of them being unscrewed: that's part of the functionality!

It can be used as a two tier holder with a ring holder on the side.

Or it can be used as three seperate displays altogether. And the wonderful thing about the candlholders is that either candleholder can be screwed into either base and still work fine.
This was a much needed, much awaited project that took no time to make.
Oh yeah, I added this touch:

The base is a candle holder as well. It has feet on it that gives it a little height.

I can't wait to make some more rings and earrings now!!


  1. oh cute idea

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  3. this is such a clever idea! I love that the candlesticks can be unscrewed and used as a ring holder.


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