Lace and jersey top

I haven't made a shirt in forever. And I've been having a hankering for making a top with lace inserts in it just because it's been a terribly hot and humid summer already. I finally did it. I went on my semi-annual trip to Wal-Mart yesterday for the sole purpose of getting some cheap lace. Let me tell you it was cheap alright! It served it's experimental purpose, but I shall never again buy any from there. So I find a remnant of lace and immediately start working on it when I get home. I have to start working on it because if I don't then I'll get frustrated from looking at such little fabric and toss it.

I used a thrifted jersey fitted sheet, lace, and vintage bias binding. It was so simple to create once I figured out the shape I wanted. It's also pretty comfortable outside of that fiberglass lace. Lol! Actually the lace isn't that totally bothersome. I will make this again, but I must order a better made lace.


  1. Really pretty. I like the lace on the top~

  2. Cuuuuuuuuute.

  3. Loving the top. so very pretty!


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