Vintage sheet market totes

Vintage sheet market totes by lani5287
Vintage sheet market totes, a photo by lani5287 on Flickr.

Those of you who sew know how extremely time-consuming and tiring massly producing your design can be. I once made 7 lined clutches one night for a craft show the next day and 13 zippered wallets for a a Christmas craft exchange at work and that was some enervating work. I was so exhausted from all of that. I learned my lesson: Cut pieces first and sew everything after all materials are set out and situated. Well last night I finally felt like sewing and not because I had to. I wanted to make a gang of market totes. I mean a whole slew of them. I only got 5 done, but I didn't take super long to do them. I cut all my pattern pieces out, my ties and my labels first. Then I sewed them all together and finished the seams after. This method moved through quite quickly. In fact I was able to sew 4 of them this morning before work ( I finished one last night before bed.) in case you can't tell, I LOVE vintage sheets!! And I'm glad I can go even greemer buy rescuing them from the landfill and making bags to keep plastic bags out of the landfill (hopefully!) These will be in the shop by the weekend.

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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEK I love them, my fav is the bottom left


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