Thrifting 7.30.11

I usually go to estate sales and thrifting on the weekends, unless I am completely tired or have something else planned. Yesterday there were no estate sales (tear!) and I didn't exactly want to go to thrift stores. So I stayed home a good part of the morning making more market bags. I pulled out my vintage bias tape baskets to coordinate tape with market totes, and I realized that I was out a few colors. So I headed out thrifting. My two fave places to get bias tape from are Angel's Antiques and Harvest Thrift Mission. They are both extremely huge and have so many vintage crafting supplies. Actually both of them are in old Wal-Mart buildings.
Anyway, I headed to the antique shop and picked up a few packs for a few bucks and picked up twice as many packs plus a a few other items at the thrift store for the exact same I paid at the other place. Ha! Plus I get a 20% discount with my college I.D. at Harvest. All in all I accomplished what I wanted which was to re-up on my vintage binding, and lo! did I!

Vintage tapes

I actually bought a few more packs than this but already started using them on the totes.

Vintage buttons

How doesn't love vintage buttons?! I'm all about 'em.

Tiny owl mugs/cups

They were only a quarter apiece. There were 4. I almost took them all, but I refrained seeing as I already have an extensive collection of vintage mugs and cups. (I'll hafta bust them out for you guys one day.)

Lastly I decided to do a little spray-painting.

This little guy was all white with a red bowtie, and honestly it kinda freaked me out a bit. So he got a nice buttercream coat. Funny thing about him: the same day I bought him I saw 2 other animals at another thrift store exactly like him. There was a mouse with a painted bowtie and 3 holes in his ears and an elephant with a painted bowtie with holes in his ears. Does anyone know what they are? I thought incense holders, but I'm sure I'm terribly wrong. If anyone has a little info about them, I'd love for you to contact me.

Anyway that was what went on with me yesterday. Don't forget that I'm hosting a giveaway!


  1. Those are some really great finds! I love the owl cups. I've been following you from one of the other Blogger swaps, and I'm still doing so! :)

  2. By the way (since I'm only half awake right now), this is PisceanMama from Swap-Bot.

  3. that are some nice things you found! =)

  4. I am loving those mugs! I would love to go to thrift stores and estate sales and all that, but since I don't drive, I have to depend on the hubby. He is not about the estate sales. I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog.

    PS. This is Mama Munky from swapbot.

  5. Hmm..the owl with holes might be an earring holder! Great thrift scores!

  6. Thank you so much, Peace! I was wondering if that is what it is. It just seemed illogical to me that you could only own 3 pairs of earrings at time of production, lol. I found one just like it here. Thank you again.

  7. Cool finds. The owl cups are too cute for words.

  8. OMG! Those owl mugs are precious! Great find! My hubby and I go thrifting on the weekends. It's quite addictive!
    -bluehairedmary on swap-bot


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