Leather jewelry

So I have been working on things despite this absence. I've actually grown quite fond of leather a bit. I have this really eclectic style about me, but it works. I enjoy bold things as well as minimalist things as well, BUT if I had a choice it would be bold.
Anyway on with the projects!

My favorite jewelry is earrings. The bigger the better, I say. After googling leather earrings for hours and coming up with nothing, I finally decided to just come up with an idea of my own.

They are super big but lightweight. They measure about 3x3 not including the chain, and I grommeted a piece of alligator vinyl on top of the leather. Super soft! I've gotten tons of comments on them.

From the same piece of leather I also created a ring. Totally freehanded the circle (surprised that its even round!) I also put a brown eyelet in it. The diameter is about 2 inches across.

I took some super smooth turquoise leather and made bow earrings and a ring. The ring has a mustard piece of leather with a grommeted vintage sheet flower on top. Nice off-kiltered layered look.

Lastly I've been wanting to make a leather clutch. And I finally got a piece big enough to make one. It's actually sort of small but still big enough for essentials. It's made from soft aqua leather with a turquoise bird on the front and a vintage button closure on the back. I adore it. Can't wait to find more cool leather!!

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  1. Hey Lani, Popping by to see how you are doing :)

    Hey lani how much for you to do a Black,and Blue pillow case dirty clothes bag like the one i got from you.
    It would be for son's room


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