Monogrammed Luggage

I don't know if any of you have seen those quilted accessories inside of any boutiques or shoppes in your area, but we have them here in Alabama and I've seen them in Georgia too. They are usually cosmetic bags, quilted carry-ons, and backpacks in bright and funky colors and animal prints. I think you can usually find them in monogram shops.
Well, anyway, my mom gave me one as a present a couple years ago, and I'm just now getting around to monogramming my initials on it. She got me a quilted black and white zebra print with red accents. It wasn't necessarily my style, but I've actually learned to like it over time.

I created a monogram in my lettering software forgetting that I already created the same monogram a while ago. D'oh! I know. It's ok; now I have 2. Also my machine decided it wanted to slip a little while stitching. So for some odd reason there are random stitches that don't line up. All in all it did a semi-decent job.

I'll be searching for a smaller version of this bag for my little one, so she can have her own personalized bag for when we travel.

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