Pleated Slouchy Purse Prototype

While on the phone with my best friend last night, I drummed up this design for a purse that I wanted to test out. My best friend tried to encourage me to stay up and stitch it up, but it was already late and I was in the bed. However, I did set out my fabrics and my sketch for me to dive right into it today.

So I did.

I whipped up this vinyl and cotton pleated bag today. Let me just say, if I haven't said this before, I love love vinyl!

With that said, I made this bag from vinyl, printed cotton, solid lining, vintage strapping, and a snap closure. I seriously have forgotten that I had half of the materials that I worked with. I was wondering what I was going to use the vintage strapping that I found at a thrift store for and it came to me last night. I have about 3 or 4 more different types of it just sitting around.
Anyway. So the hardest part of sewing this bag was topstitching the vinyl opening once it was done. I still have a few places that I have to go over.

Even though it is a slouchy bag, I thought that the boxed corners would bring a tad bit of a structural aspect to the purse. It's fairly large, too. The bag itself measures 14"length by 15" width at base with 12" width opening and 9" length drop. Pretty spacious for essentials.

I need to head back to the local fabric shop; my vinyl stash is diminishing.

What have you worked on this weekend?

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