Valentine's Outfit for My Sweety

Remember the Valentine's Owl Applique I showed you yesterday? Well I ended up using it in the outfit I made my baby for Valentine's Day.

I purchased a shirt from Target and appliqued my design onto it. The fabric was some that I already had at home. This outfit cost me about $3.50

This was a one-seam skirt. That's not something I usually do. But the way it came together was good.
Also I normally "hem" my skirts by putting a contrasting band at the bottom, but this time I made binding from a contrasting fabric and enclosed the skirt bottom with it. I like this method a lot because of the weight that it adds to the hem of the skirt. I feel like such a simpleton that I haven't done this before!

I chose this fabric because it can go year-round and not just for the occassion it was made for. I may have to make myself one!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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