New Bags

This evening after working out and going over some lessons with my daughter, I decided that I would sew. It's been about a week (maybe a little less) since I've sewn anything and I didn't want to get into a slump about it. I decided I'd whip out some small bags.

I made a clutch and two makeup cases. All of them are zippered. I've been trying to play with my modern stash a little more just to use some of it up.

The clutch has a pleat on both sides and is lined with the same green dot fabric that is on the outside. I added a loop for a key fob attachment.

This one is a new cosmetic case for me. I used 3 different fabrics, quilted one side, and added a stacked monogram to it. I think it turned out pretty well. I'm not one to be super enthusiatic about monograms, but I sort of like the one I did. Next time I think I may just stick with one initial. It's pretty spacious. I attached a little loop on the side.

This is a smaller cosmetic bag that I crafted. This one, too, is quilted. No embroidery on this one. I lined it with the same fabric as I lined mine with. This bag size is for small essentials. I think it's a cute and useful size, however.

I had so much fun making these bags. Hopefully if I have time tomorrow, I can whip out another bunch. They come together pretty quickly once I get a process going. Look forward to these being added to my shop. Also I added the checkbook sets to the shop if you want to have a gander.

Have a good night!


  1. These are really cute! Good job :)

  2. They look great! You are making some fun little bags :)


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